An inspiration trip is the perfect way to spot trends and gain inspiration across the borders of the own sector, in a very short time frame. When setting up a tour Red Zezel consciously opts for a cross-sector approach, to stimulate cross-industry innovation and thereby increasing the potential growth opportunities for your business.

Going on an inspiration tour with Red Zezel is like stepping into a rollercoaster. We promise you a tsunami of new concepts, insights and trends. We supercharge your business with quick wins and long-term ideas that will make your company more profitable, more innovative, more future proof.




Get inspired

  • Don't be happy with standard company visits.
  • Take a look behind the scenes of the new rising stars.
  • Listen to trend-setting, innovative front runners and experts.
  • Get access to professionals, spaces and experiences you couldn't secure alone.
  • Get space for your personal questions.
  • Learn through the experience of being an active user.
  • Get familiar with innovation and go for it in your business
  • Go home with in-depth insights and practical tips.

Get connected

You will be in good company! We have worked with CEO's, senior managers, entrepreneurs, innovators and other executives from various industries, such as food, health care, sport, retail sector, government and education.

Our participants all have a curious and proactive mindset, interested in discovering the world. Share knowledge & experiences with radical thinkers, alternative thinkers, oppositional thinkers, fresh thinkers and doers.

Groups consists of max. 15 participants. A small, but strong and interactive group!


Get active

Your tour will be led by a senior innovation expert who will learn you about the importance of gaining inspiration to be innovative, how and where you can draw inspiration, and how you can use this effectively within your own organisation.

We provide you insights on how to use all inspiration and learnings to make your company more profitable and innovative.

A mind opening trip for all who’s interested in keeping your company ahead through innovation
Alida Indria-De Meulder, LFC / GingerLove




By joining this unique inspiration tour you can assure yourself of being overwhelmed by new insights, new business approaches and a bunch of newly acquired knowledge about taking your business to the next level. All this has one goal: making your company future-proof and stand out from the crowd. Red Zezel not only guides and inspires during this trip, but also gives you hands-on tips and expertise once back at home, so you can put all new insights into practice. Moreover, the tour gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded business people.


Red Zezel bvba is geregistreerd dienstverlener van de Vlaamse Overheid voor de pijlers advies en opleiding.